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International executive search firm, H.W. Anderson, are leaders in commodity trading, equity, and quantitative trading markets. Their specialist services enable top tier firms to strengthen their talent pools, diversify their product portfolios and enhance their geographical reach.

The Brief

H.W. Anderson required a responsive website, with a WordPress content management system (CMS), to enhance their online presence and promote their services amongst top tier firms and prospective candidates.

The Creative Outcome

The clean and refined website design reflects the quality of H.W. Anderson’s services. Every detail, from the functionality to the aesthetic, is designed to appeal to the brands professional client base and stand out in the competitive trading and investment industry.

To engage visitors, we incorporated animation in the form of buttons, statistics, and location markers on the stylised map. We introduced another layer of subtle movement by incorporating a parallax scrolling effect. This technique prompts the visuals to move at different speeds as users scroll, resulting in a three-dimensional effect.

Developing upon the firm’s existing colour palette, we selected understated background colours of imperial blue, bright white, and lunar grey. A symbol of trust and stability, the imperial blue helps to break up text and add depth to the website. This is complimented by pops of coral, used to highlight keylines and draw the eye to call to actions, buttons, and drop-down menus, guiding users through the website. Simple yet effective, this accent colour adds a modern touch.

To ensure consistency, we applied a deep blue overlay to all brand imagery. Depicting iconic cityscapes and landmarks, the powerful photography reinforces the firm’s global reach and authority in their field.

The use of contemporary, highly legible typography and clear typographic hierarchy contribute to an optimum user experience (UX). Furthermore, we implemented functionality on the contact forms to allow potential candidates to attach their CVs securely. We gave prospective clients the option to turn this upload function off when submitting enquiries.


Website homepage design on desktop and mobile

Website design on desktop and mobile

Website design on desktop and mobile

Website design on mobile

Website design on desktop and mobile

Website design on desktop and mobile

Website design on desktop

We have enjoyed a positive experience partnering with Firefly to build our website. They were quickly able to discern the style and functionality that would fit for us and our international target audience.

In addition to providing a design we loved they also balanced the competing demands of SEO optimisation with an aesthetically pleasing site. Much appreciated!

Peter Henry
Managing Director
H.W. Anderson

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