Cream-coloured label on the gin bottle caption "Redcastle".


Redcastle Spirits is an Angus-based craft spirits producer. Launched in July 2017, Redcastle Gin was the first addition to the Redcastle Spirits family. The gin is made from a unique blend of 13 botanicals, including kaffir lime leaf, star anise and pink peppercorn, creating a spiced gin with added zest.

Cream-coloured label on the gin bottle caption "Redcastle".

The Brief

Firefly was commissioned to develop the Redcastle gin branding, which included the design of a logo and packaging. The handcrafted Scottish gin was to be positioned at the premium end of the fast-growing market.

The Creative Outcome

We selected a clean, modern sans serif typeface and crafted the typography to remove the crossbar from the letter ‘A’, creating a logotype truly unique to the brand. A simple, red triangle to symbolise a flag on top of a sandcastle was incorporated on top of the letter ‘A’ to further differentiate the logo and allude to a seaside theme. The logo design gives the brand a fresh and contemporary edge, setting them apart from their competitors and ensuring the packaging stands out on shelf.

Photograph of a gin bottle, placed on the sand.

The use of a Serif typeface for the descriptor below the logo type adds a touch of heritage to the design and highlights the quality of the product. This is paired with a wave keyline graphic device, which adds a playful dimension to the logo and subtly reinforces the seaside theme. Intricate illustrations of key ingredients present in the gin were incorporated into the label to reflect the fact that it is expertly handcrafted, whilst adding depth to the design.

The minimal colour palette and simplistic typography create an understated aesthetic. This helps to reinforce the premium nature of the brand and entice the target audience.

Zoomed-in gin bottle label, showing a signature "Jack of Redcastle".

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