The Law Society of Scotland

The Law Society of Scotland is a professional body for over 12,000 Scottish solicitors. In addition to setting standards to ensure the provision of excellent legal services in Scotland, they provide solicitors with access to events and resources, enhancing and developing their knowledge.

Two cartoon graphics—one of a classroom, one of a laptop—on a grey background with colour corner graphics on the edges.

The Brief

Firefly was commissioned to create an informative video promo to summarise and raise awareness of their newly launched Trainee CPD programme. This is a bespoke course that aims to support those beginning their journey to qualify as a solicitor.

The video promo was targeted at Scottish trainees, in addition to students completing their diploma and HR managers responsible for sourcing employee training.

The Creative Outcome

Putting pencil to paper, we started the project by creating a storyboard, taking inspiration from the iconography and colour palette used across the existing brand and website. This created a sense of consistency, helping to establish a connection with the Law Society of Scotland’s target audience and enhance brand recognition.

A birds-eye view of an artist storyboarding an animation.

We created a dynamic animation style and accompanying graphics to communicate the key features of the course in an engaging and easily digestible way. Moreover, incorporating kinetic typography, shapes and flourishes throughout helped to capture the audience’s attention and outline important information clearly and succinctly.

The scope of the project included copywriting, as well as sourcing a voice-over artist and complementary music. Through the copywriting process, we adopted an informative tone of voice, distilling the brand’s core message into an accessible and compelling script. Friendly, yet professional, the voice-over brought the animation to life, leaving a lasting impression.

Upon approval, we created a shorter version of the video promo, incorporating subtitles, to engage viewers across their social media channels.

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“Firefly brought a fresh and clean re-design to our supporter magazine. A friendly, talented team delivering a professional service within agreed timeframe and budget, responding in a timely manner to communications throughout the process.”

Iain Campbell
Director of Communications
Scottish Bible Society

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