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There are countless intricacies to consider during the process of building of a website that will affect how your audience interact with it.

As well as ensuring your website looks good and is fully responsive across all devices, it is important that nothing prevents your visitors from completing the actions you want them to take. This all comes down to user experience (UX) design.

UX design takes into consideration every structural detail which could affect your audiences’ journey whilst using your website, from information architect, to the positioning of each button. Each webpage should be carefully considered, with simple navigation that encourages customers to buy your product or service or get in touch in as few steps as possible. An optimum UX design will offer an intuitive, functional and responsive interface.

We work strategically to provide UX design tailored to each individual client and their requirements. To achieve a seamless UX design, it is important to begin by researching in depth and defining the typical user groups who are likely to visit your website, as well as their characteristics and objectives. We use these profiles to map out various user journeys and scenarios across the website, identifying any obstacles or uncertainties that may arise and providing suggestions to mitigate these. We would then proceed to create wireframes, ensuring the design guides visitors to land on the page you’d like them to.

Our team of talented designers utilise a variety of techniques to refine the user experience of our clients’ websites. These include planning to ensure your webpage loads quickly, incorporating clear call-to-action buttons, providing key information on the top half of the page, harnessing visual information and utilising white space.

Professional and effective UX design will help to increase customer loyalty and brand presence, further supporting the growth of your business. Ultimately, if your website isn’t designed with the end user in mind, it’s likely they’ll be tempted to stop using your website altogether. Our designers are here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to chat about how user experience design could benefit your website.

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It’s been a real pleasure to work with Firefly. They helped us to refresh the looks of our apps and developed a sophisticated branding which helps us to stand out from the competition.

Andriy Gordiychuk
Theory Test Revolution

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