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When it comes to website design, as well as making sure your website looks good and is responsive across all devices, it’s vital that nothing stands in the way of your visitors completing the primary action you want them to take.

This, in a nutshell, is referred to as User Experience, or UX Design. If your website has a good UX Design it will offer visitors an intuitive interface and navigation that feels natural. From the moment they land on your website, they should be able to easily and quickly navigate, in as few steps as possible, to what they are looking for or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – the page or section that encourages them to buy your product or service or get in touch.

To help achieve a seamless UX Design, it’s important to first define the typical user groups who are likely to visit your website, as well as their characteristics and objectives. These profiles would be used to map various user journeys across the website, identifying any obstacles or uncertainties that may arise for visitors and providing suggestions to mitigate these. We would then carry these options through to the designs of the wireframes for your new website, ensuring it is designed to help your target audience land on the page you’d like them to.

There’s a variety of different tactics out there said to improve user experience on your website, such as including key information within the top half of the page or ‘above the fold’, harnessing the power of visual information, utilising white space, incorporating clear call-to-action buttons and making sure your webpage loads quickly. Ultimately, if your website isn’t designed with the end user in mind, it’s all too likely they’ll be tempted to hit that dreaded cross in the top left hand corner of their screen. Our designers are here to make sure that doesn’t happen!

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When we invited tenders for the design of our new website and our flagship publication, Firefly’s proposal was streets ahead of any of the others received in terms of understanding our requirements, original design and functionality.

Our previous website which had been very tired is now transformed into a valued resource. We have been delighted with the finished product which has received much favourable comment and is something of which we can be proud. It was also very good value for money which is important for a small organisation like ours.

Peter Wilson


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