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All businesses and organisations must plan for the long-term and this certainly applies in the context of brand building. Whether the objective is to launch a new brand, reposition an existing one or provide some much-needed revitalisation, it pays to ask the right questions, formulate a plan and have a clear understanding of what it will take to achieve success.

If a brand is to succeed, then it is not simply a case of it being in the right place at the right time. Yes, there might be an element of luck involved, but it is much more likely that the team behind the brand has done its homework and can say with conviction that it is strategically sound and commercially viable.

Brand strategy is the what, where, when and to whom – but above all it is the how. It determines how objectives and ambitions will be fulfilled, aligning the brand to the target market by ensuring customers understand what it stands for, why it is better than others and how it differs from competitors. To do this, the strategy provides clarity and consistency in terms of messaging, tone of voice and image. It also focuses on the target market, identifying the media channels most suited to putting the brand in front of customers and winning their trust.

We are experienced in guiding clients through this key stage in the branding process, developing strategies that build brand equity, competitive advantage and long-term commercial success. Face facts. Without proper planning, your brand will struggle to make an impact, so get in contact with us and we will ensure it finds its voice.

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When we invited tenders for the design of our new website and our flagship publication, Firefly’s proposal was streets ahead of any of the others received in terms of understanding our requirements, original design and functionality.

Our previous website which had been very tired is now transformed into a valued resource. We have been delighted with the finished product which has received much favourable comment and is something of which we can be proud. It was also very good value for money which is important for a small organisation like ours.

Peter Wilson


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