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At Firefly, we specialise in designing Google Docs and Slides templates that give our clients the tools to create engaging documents and presentations aligned with their brand. Our templates can significantly improve efficiency, maintain consistency, and enhance your content’s overall quality and professionalism.

We focus on creating layouts that emphasise key messages and make reports and presentations easy to navigate. Regardless of your data complexity, we can transform it into engaging and clear content.

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By choosing our custom-made templates, you and your team can:

Establish consistency in brand communications

Consistent communications are crucial for building brand awareness. Our custom Google Docs and Slides templates allow for the use of your key brand assets, including icons, graphs, illustrations, diagrams, and imagery. By consistently applying your logo, colour palette, and typography, your brand identity is reinforced, boosting recognition and trust among your audience. Our custom-designed templates enable every team member to create consistent and professional documents.

Enhance your organisation’s efficiency

Using pre-designed frameworks for Docs and Slides allows users to focus on content rather than spending time designing documents from scratch. Templates increase efficiency and reduce the chance of errors that could affect content effectiveness. Customisable templates maintain core design elements while catering to specific needs and content types.

Refer to helpful user notes

Templates simplify the onboarding process for new team members by providing clear visual guidelines for document formatting and styling. Our comprehensive user notes ensure that everyone can easily use the branded templates, saving time on training and onboarding.

Contact us today to discuss how we can create Google templates that can enhance your brand.

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“The friendly and professional Firefly team worked closely with us to develop and refine a clear style for our quarterly print and digital journals.

The team listened carefully to our needs and quickly responded to any queries and changes we requested. We are really happy with the end result, and with circulation increasing every month, it would seem our readers agree!

Sarah Brady
Brand Manager

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