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At Firefly, we specialise in designing and building professional Microsoft Word and PowerPoint templates that are both reliable and fully functional. Our bespoke designed templates are tailored to align with your brand and operate seamlessly on both Windows and Mac systems.

Our design approach pays special attention to typographic hierarchy, setting the optimal size and weight of headings, subheadings, body copy, and bullets, to help guide readers through your documents and presentations.

To aid readability and help engage readers when documents are text-heavy, we can offer tailored resource kits featuring icons, illustrations, infographics, and diagrams to enrich your templates. Additionally, we can integrate key brand graphic assets and customise graphs, charts, and tables, to utilise your colour palette.

Whether you require an entire suite of stationery templates, polished report documents, or a dynamic PowerPoint presentation, our custom designs integrate seamlessly into your workflow. Our services ensure:

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Consistent brand communication

Our templates empower everyone in your organisation to be able to create documents that are professional and cohesive, helping to ensure all of your communications are consistently branded.

Efficiency gains for your organisation

Investing in custom templates can significantly save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on in-house document and presentation creation. Our clients consistently report streamlined processes and increased efficiency within their teams.


We can provide comprehensive user notes that walk you through everything from installation, to how to format pictures, type styles and tables. We can also offer online training sessions to help guide colleagues with less knowledge of using Microsoft Office on how to create professionally branded documents.

While using your brand’s primary font is optimal, practicality may dictate selecting a system font that closely resembles your brand for external document sharing. This ensures that your documents load correctly on any recipient’s computer, preventing formatting issues.

Contact us today to discuss how we can create Microsoft templates that save you time, and help you create consistent brand communication.

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“Firefly was a pleasure to work with throughout our project.

It was clear from the initial design discussions that their attention to detail, content suggestions and proposed structure would help us achieve the goals we had envisioned for our new brand and they did not disappoint. Thank you for making the process so simple.”

Adam Medley
Operations Manager
Insight Software Development

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