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At Firefly, we specialise in designing and building professional Microsoft Word and PowerPoint templates that are reliable and fully functional. Our bespoke templates are tailored to align with your brand and operate seamlessly on both Windows and Mac systems.

Our templates empower everyone in your organisation to be able to create documents that are professional and cohesive, helping to ensure all communications are consistently branded.

Investing in custom templates can significantly save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on in-house document and presentation creation. Our clients consistently report streamlined processes and increased efficiency within their teams.

A mockup showing a Microsoft Word Letterhead and a Powerpoint Slide Deck

Types of templates

We specialise in creating Microsoft Office templates for both Word and PowerPoint on either Mac or Windows computers, including:

  • Stationery templates – letterheads and continuation sheets, agendas, memos, notes and meeting minutes.
  • Promotional and information templates – forms, fact sheets and newsletters.
  • Report and proposal documents – front cover, header, page numbers, table of contents and main body text.
  • PowerPoint templates – predefined title slides, dividers, custom layouts and table style.
  • PowerPoint presentations including media rich content such as animation and video, designed to make an impact at an event or pitch.
A mockup showing a Microsoft Word file with a selection of icons to choose from.

Resource kits

Large quantities of text with no visuals can lead to your audience switching off whilst reading your content.

We can create tailored resource kits that add depth to your Microsoft Office templates, consisting of components such as icons, illustrations, infographics and diagrams.

These can be used to convey information in a succinct and engaging way, and break up text heavy documents and presentations. Whether you’re looking for illustrations that capture your audience’s attention, or diagrams and infographics that simplify your content, we can create a resource kit that supports your visual identity.

A mockup showing a Powerpoint Slide Deck with a focus on graphs and charts.

Graphs, charts and tables

We can transform even the most complex data from Microsoft Excel into graphs, charts and tables that align with your brand.

Visualising data in an innovative and dynamic way can help to break down key information and engage your audience.

These elements can be embedded into your template or supplied as final artwork files to ensure they are easily accessible should you require them at any time in the future.

A mockup showing a Microsoft Word file with a selection of icons to choose from.

Colour palette and type style

At Firefly, we believe attention to detail has the power to differentiate your brand.

Our team can curate fixed colour palettes and type styles that align with your visual identity and roll these out across all templates. We also consider typographic hierarchy to highlight key messages and guide readers seamlessly through documents and presentations.

A mockup showing a Powerpoint Slide Deck with a focus on infographics.

Editable infographics

Well-crafted infographics, whether static, interactive or animated, can express key messaging in an easily digestible and compelling way.

We understand that your requirements may evolve over time as you acquire new facts and statistics, which is why we design with flexibility in mind. We create eye catching infographics for Microsoft PowerPoint slides that can be customised to suit your needs, allowing you to edit colours, typography, text and numerical data in house.

User notes and training

User notes and training

We always supply comprehensive user notes alongside our templates. Step by step, these clear instructions guide you through the process of installing and using your templates.

This ensures the templates we deliver are easily accessible to every member of your team, whether they have experience working with Microsoft Office or not.

We can also offer online training sessions to guide your team through the use of your templates.

While using your brand’s primary font is optimal, practicality may dictate selecting a system font that closely resembles your brand for external document sharing. This ensures that your documents load correctly on any recipient’s computer, preventing formatting issues.

Contact us today to discuss how we can create Microsoft templates that save you time, and help you create consistent brand communication.

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