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Reports +

At Firefly, we create professionally designed reports that seamlessly align with your brand identity. Whether you require digital or printed reports, our expert team can transform even the most complex of data into an engaging report, that clearly communicates your organisation’s messaging.

To create a reader-friendly report we can employ a variety of design techniques to incorporate photography, infographics, illustrations, graphs, charts, and tables. These components not only engage your readers but also help to break up large volumes of text. We meticulously consider composition and typographic hierarchy to maximise the use of space and highlight key content. These techniques ensure that your data and information are communicated in an easily digestible and engaging manner, guiding readers through your report effortlessly.

Organisations often strive to make their communications accessible to a broader audience. We can analyse critical details such as colour contrast ratios and typeface legibility, to ensure that your report meets accessibility guidelines.

Digital vs Print

Whether you choose to distribute your report digitally or in a printed format, we can advise you on various options to enhance engagement with your target audience. While some of our clients choose to utilise digital reports to align with their organisation’s environmental values, others may require printed versions to share among stakeholders or committee members.

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Digital reports

Whether you simply require a PDF download from your website, a more polished interactive PDF that contains buttons and hyperlinks to distribute via email or, a dynamic microsite, we can help you present your data in an engaging and accessible way.

Zoomed-in brochure spread, showing a quote in purple coloured text "We've created a strong community that not only benefits the students, but also out staff."

Printed reports

If you require a printed report, we can help manage every aspect of your project, from the initial design concepts to overseeing print production to ensure the outcome is of the utmost quality. We can suggest the ideal paper stock, whether it is uncoated, recycled, or silk, as well as finishing touches such as Spot UV, foil blocking, or specific binding techniques that can significantly enhance the overall look of your report.

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“Firefly has been an absolute joy to work with. We commissioned them to create a promotional animation for us and on seeing the storyboard, we were so impressed with the work they did that we ended up contracting them to design a series of printed materials too.

Creative, friendly and responsive, they’ve truly delivered on what we asked for and more. We had a very tight turnaround on our project and they made it all happen in good time. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”

Steph Wright
Project Development Manager
Cancer Innovation Challenge

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