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We recognise that to successfully tell your brand’s story, it is essential to retain a coherent look and feel across all touch points. It’s this consistency that in time builds trust and loyalty amongst your audience.

We specialise in curating guidelines that clearly define your organisation’s brand, setting precise rules and standards that safeguard your brand’s integrity for years to come.

At Firefly, we develop comprehensive and user-friendly brand guidelines, meticulously detailing the application of your brand across all communication channels, from traditional print and advertising to digital and video. Although the extent of guidelines can differ, they typically cover the use of your logo, colour palette, typography, photography, and graphic devices.

We know the value of these guidelines extends far beyond design; they serve as a beacon for both internal and external stakeholders, including your employees, designers, and marketers. In addition to visually anchoring your brand, we can delve deep into the essence of your organisation, encompassing your history, tone of voice, ethos, mission, and values. This human touch fosters a genuine emotional connection between your brand and your target audience.

Precisely considered and polished brand guidelines will save your organisation valuable time and resources in the long run. Whether you’re embarking on a new brand journey or looking to refine your existing guidelines, contact us today.

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“We have enjoyed a positive experience partnering with Firefly to build our website. They were quickly able to discern the style and functionality that would fit for us and our international target audience.

In addition to providing a design we loved they also balanced the competing demands of SEO optimisation with an aesthetically pleasing site. Much appreciated!”

Peter Henry
Managing Director
H.W. Anderson

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