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Like the cross on top of a church, a logo stands as the defining emblem of any successful brand, serving as a focal point within the broader identity of an organisation.

Our team specialise in designing timeless, instantly recognisable logos that distil the very essence of your brand. Whether your vision leans towards a bold, graphic marque that makes an impactful statement or a more subtle, typographic approach, we collaborate closely with you to encapsulate your brand’s ethos, culture, and long-term aspirations in a singular, simplified design.

To ensure we create a logo that you and your team can be truly proud of, we champion a collaborative approach. After conducting comprehensive research into your market, target audience, and competitors, we work closely with you to shape your logo through a process of iterative refinement. Our designers explore approximately 30-40 diverse concepts before curating a selection of the finest logo ideas, which we then digitise and share with you, clearly explaining our rationale for each. Throughout the logo development process, we meticulously consider your overall brand, which often defines your colour palette and typography.

Whether you’re looking to evolve your existing logo, embark on a fresh start, or build a new brand we promise to deliver a distinctive and impactful logo design that cultivates trust and heightens brand recognition.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to kickstart this exciting journey.

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“Firefly has been an absolute joy to work with. We commissioned them to create a promotional animation for us and on seeing the storyboard, we were so impressed with the work they did that we ended up contracting them to design a series of printed materials too.

Creative, friendly and responsive, they’ve truly delivered on what we asked for and more. We had a very tight turnaround on our project and they made it all happen in good time. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”

Steph Wright
Project Development Manager
Cancer Innovation Challenge

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