Website homepage mockup on desktop and mobile screen, caption "Leading Surgical Education".

BJS Academy

BJS Academy is an online educational platform that supports the professional development of current and future surgeons worldwide. The Academy is part of the charitable activity of BJS Society, which owns and promotes renowned scientific journals, BJS and BJS Open.

Reversed BJS Academy logo on navy blue background.

The Brief

We were commissioned to create branding, design and build a website with a WordPress content management system (CMS) and undertake a copywriting review for BJS Academy.

The Creative Outcome

A versatile logo was essential to convey the various sections that make up the Academy. The subtle keyline helps to hold the composition of the design together, whilst the use of colour clearly distinguishes the key sections of the website. The professional design reflects the organisations prestigious reputation and the quality of the resources they offer.

Website mockup on desktop and mobile screen.

The refined website design reflects this modern visual style and the academic nature of the brand. To ensure an optimum user experience (UX), we created a clear navigation structure that makes the website is easy to browse. We also implemented filter functionality on specific pages to allow visitors to find the articles they are looking for quickly and easily.

Website mockup on desktop and mobile screen.

We incorporated impactful space inspired imagery, part of the Academy’s distinctive visual style, and high quality photography to engage visitors and reinforce the brands global reach. Influenced by the BJS an BJS Open journals, we utilised white space and incorporated understated background colours of dark blue, lunar grey and bright white. This is interspersed with keylines, buttons and drop-down menus which change colour depending on the section of the website. The colour palette contributes to the professional aesthetic, whilst the accent colours add a modern touch and help to guide visitors.

To hone the Academy’s tone of voice and ensure all of the information on the website is clear and consistent, we conducted a copywriting review. This was an important step in establishing the identity of the brand and enhancing its accessibility.

BJS tree map on navy blue background.

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