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Great copy is more than just words. It sets the tone for how you will interact with your customers, reassures them your product or service is what they’re looking for, and makes a lasting impression in how they view your brand.

Writing good copy is a craft – striking the perfect balance between brand, customer needs and your business objectives is crucial. From your weekly newsletter or blog post, to the copy in your printed brochure or on your website – any piece of written content is a chance to engage and impress your target audience.

For online written content, search engine optimisation (SEO) should be a key consideration. Having the right words and phrases in the right place can help search engines understand what your website is all about. Good SEO directs potential customers to your website and helps them find exactly the information they’re looking for.

The written word is a good way to convey the personality of your business. Are you serious? Professional? Light-hearted? Caring? Tone of voice is a key consideration in marketing today, and should be consistent across all your communication channels.

Writing in plain English is important too. Using language everyone understands will make you more approachable and relatable as a company. Remember less is more – a few carefully chosen words are infinitely more powerful than endless lines of text. Studies have shown that one typo or incidence of bad grammar can drastically reduce a user’s trust in your product or service, so professional copywriting is a sound investment.

Well written content is a vital component of any successful brand, plus it can improve your search ranking and resonate with your customers. Searching for the right words? Contact us to find out about our professional copywriting services.

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The Timber Transport Forum asked Firefly to quote for the design of our good practice guide. They came back almost immediately with what proved to be the lowest price. What they produced was great; clear, contemporary and very well received.

Firefly managed the printing too which made life easier and allowed them to check the print quality. All in all our experience was so good we asked them to produce a feather flag and banner for our events – with similar great results.

Roland Stiven
Project Manager
The Timber Transport Forum


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