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We only have one planet, so it’s essential we protect it.

We are proud to be a climate positive company, passionate about implementing sustainable actions and adapting the way we live and work to reduce our environmental impact.

The Firefly team posing in a green rural space holding shovels

Planting trees

For every new client we work with, we make a donation for ten trees to be planted. Trees are the lungs of our planet – they help to store carbon, save water, and boost biodiversity by acting as a natural haven for wildlife. To date, we have contributed to over 1,200 trees being planted.

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One large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for four people*

* Source: Tree Canada

Ben Walker from Firefly posing in front of a planted juniper tree sapling.

With a focus on global reforestation, One Tree Planted works to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. For every dollar donated, they plant one tree – since 2014, they have planted nearly 100 million trees in over 80 countries around the world. However, their reforestation efforts go beyond putting trees in the ground. They also work to restore forests after natural disasters, create jobs, protect wildlife habitats, and build communities. You can learn more at onetreeplanted.org

The average tree absorbs an average of 10 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year for the first 20 years.

* Source: Tree Canada

Firefly's Kita Chanmee tree planting with Borders Forest Trust

So far we have planted

1,525 trees

Proud to support:

A work-from-home set-up, with a computer screen and other office equipment.

Working from home

Having originally established the agency within a co-working space in Edinburgh in 2014, we moved into our own office space in Leith in 2018. While creating an office space for creativity to thrive worked well for us, we chose to trial working from home once a week prior to the pandemic to find a better work life balance. This made the transition to full-time work-from-home seamless during the Covid pandemic.

With feedback from the team, it was an easy decision that in early in 2023, we closed our physical office and moved to a full-time work from home model. Partially, this initiative was introduced to leverage the benefits of an enhanced work-life balance, and it also eliminated our commute, which in turn helped to reduce our carbon footprint.

54 million tonne reduction in greenhouse gas emissions if employees who could work from home did so 50% of the time.

* Source: FlexJobs

Firefly team volunteering with The Water of Leith Conservation Trust.

Sustainable action

As a team, we attend regular litter picks with the Water of Leith Conservation Trust. Founded in 1988, the Trust works to conserve, protect, and restore the river and its wildlife. They also work with volunteers and various community groups to put on roughly 300 river clean-up and conservations events annually. Have a look at our journal to learn more about what the Water of Leith Conservation Trust is doing.

We have taken part in initiatives such as Climate Strike and Plastic Free July and regularly share sustainable tips on our journal and social media channels.

We volunteer with Borders Forest Trust (BFT), an organisation that works to restore Scottish woodlands. Our time with BFT has seen us participate in a range of tasks, including planting young trees and removing the protective plastic tubes from more established trees. BFT uses these tubes to protect saplings from rodents, deer, and other animals.

You can read more about Borders Forest Trust in our journal.

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