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Our approach +

As a design agency, creativity is central to everything we do, from building transformational brands to delivering impactful communications.

Working across a broad range of disciplines we can provide a highly reactive service, constantly adapting to suit every client’s requirement. Our structures and processes on the other hand remain unchanged, forming the solid foundations for every creative project we work on. These overarching principles allow us to be efficient and always provide excellent value for money.


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Building brand value together

Our overall aim is to work with you to build your brand and as a result, make your business stronger.

A successful brand is more than just good design; it’s a powerful way of adding value to your business and helping it achieve its strategic objectives.

We use a range of techniques, including researching, sketching, wireframing, planning, designing, coding, and testing, to help build a brand that appeals to your target audience and stands the test of time. But what really makes the difference is the way our talented team work together and in collaboration with you.


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Communication is key

We start by listening. We understand how important it is to give clients the chance to explain what they want to achieve and how these sit within the wider context of their business.

Each client will have clear do’s and don’ts, likes and dislikes, and, if it’s an established business, a history of what’s worked and possibly not worked in the past. This vital information helps us to gain an in-depth understanding of your business, ethos, and objectives before we begin working with you.


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Your creative team

All our clients have a dedicated account manager and lead designer, and every project is overseen by our Creative Director, Ben Walker.

Your lead designer will be directly responsible for creating your designs, from the briefing stage, through to the exciting moment your project is complete. We’re here to support your brand to ensure it always reflects your business accurately and professionally.

Your account manager will look after your project from start to finish, managing its day-to-day running, answering any questions you may have, and ensuring all deadlines are met.


Our process

While our process varies depending on the specific project and client, it can generally be broken down into five stages:

Scoping workshop Research Concepts Development Creative outcome

Stage 1: Scoping workshop

Following an initial meeting or call, where appropriate, we would hold a scoping workshop, giving you an opportunity to meet your creative team. During this workshop, we’ll discuss each of the communications you want us to create and may recommend other services which could help your brand achieve the biggest impact.

From here, together we establish a timeline for your project, detailing what you can expect from us at key stages and when you’ll be asked to provide content, feedback, and approval.

Stage 2: Research

We understand that every business is different and has its own unique selling points. Thoroughly researching your market and sector is integral to ensuring we communicate your brand successfully, appeal to your target audience and differentiate you from your competitors.

Stage 3: Concepts

We often carry out a mind-mapping exercise and create a mood board. This helps us to structure the information gathered during the scoping workshop and research stage, allowing us to analyse the information and explore ideas.

Following this, we would begin sketching to develop initial concepts, before creating digital versions of the ideas that have the most potential and clearly explaining our rationale for each. Your feedback is essential at this stage, so you’ll have plenty of time to review our ideas and respond.

Stage 4: Development

Once you’ve chosen your preferred route, we will work with you to develop the creative concept through a process of iterations and refinement, creating an outcome you can be truly proud of. We keep you informed on a regular basis throughout and give you the opportunity to provide feedback at key stages.

Stage 5: Creative outcome

At the exciting final stage in the process, we will prepare all your communications for each of the appropriate channels.

From here, we can also discuss the option of ongoing support. This can help you to get the most out of your new creative communications, as we provide bespoke services to launch, develop and grow your brand.


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Ways of working

Whilst we often work on a project-by-project basis, where possible we like to work with clients on a retainer. This allows us to provide continual support and help you to maintain brand consistency across all your communications. Working in this way not only helps to reduce costs but allows us to provide a reactive service, working closely with you to develop a futureproof brand which delivers results.


Services +

Services +

We offer a broad range of creative services, designed to futureproof and add value to our client’s businesses. As technology evolves, so do we, allowing us to adapt to the requirements of each individual client and ensure their brands are realised consistently across all channels.

Our broad range of disciplines can be categorised into five closely interconnected core channels:

Branding Digital Print Video Advertising

Managing all of our clients’ communications under one roof ensures coherent delivery, increases efficiency and reduces costs. The consistent application of a brand across all touch points is at the heart of what we do at Firefly and is pivotal to building brand awareness.


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Portfolio +

Showcasing a selection of our finest creative projects, our portfolio provides examples of how we implement our services across a diverse range of communications. From building brand awareness, to establishing a connection with your target audience, we can work strategically with you to support the growth of your business.


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“The Royal College of Nursing Scotland has worked with Firefly on a number of projects, most recently the branding for our Nurse of the Year Awards. We have always found the team to be responsive, willing to listen and full of ideas. Professional, creative and approachable, the quality of their work is excellent.”

Carol Harris
Communications and Public Affairs Manager
The Royal College of Nursing Scotland

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Our journal is full of engaging articles covering everything from careers and Firefly News, to lifestyle and the environment. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own brand, tips on launching your graphic design career, or simply have an interest in all things creative, you can find it all in our journal.


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