Website mockup on desktop and mobile screen.


AnswerConnect offer 24/7 live customer service, facilitating the growth and development of businesses worldwide.

Advocates for the ‘anywhere works’ approach, AnswerConnect’s friendly and attentive UK-based receptionists are available to engage with and provide tailored responses to their client’s customers 365 days a year.

Brochure design spread caption "other services".

The Brief

As part of an extensive brand development project, we were commissioned to design an ecommerce website and produce online advertising for AnswerConnect. We were also tasked with creating exhibition displays and printed collateral to promote AnswerConnect at the Law2019 Leeds Conference. This included brochures, bookmarks, strut cards, postcards and business cards, to be handed out to delegates.

Zoomed-in iconography on brochure spread.

The Creative Outcome

Intuitive, easy to navigate and responsive across all devices, the futureproof website design offers a seamless user experience, reinforcing the quality of AnswerConnect’s service. We developed a contemporary and refined look and feel across the website to encompass the ethos of the brand. The professional, image led design instantly captures visitor’s attention, whilst breaking up the text into easily digestible sections. The use of dynamic images of people paired with serene photographs of nature reinforces the brands personable service as well as their environmental focus.

We opted for a minimal colour palette and highly legible, modern typography to create a strong and consistent brand identity. The creation of a bespoke handwritten typeface adds a personal and friendly dimension to the website, reflecting the tailored service and highlighting call to actions. Moreover, we adopted typographic hierarchy to guide visitors through the website and place emphasis on key information, from statistics to pricing.

Website mockup on desktop and mobile screen.The creation and inclusion of iconography highlights important takeaways in a clear and engaging way, whilst linear illustrations contribute to the clean and contemporary aesthetic. These graphic elements differentiate AnswerConnect from their competitors, helping to position them as innovators and leaders in their field.

Website mockup on desktop and mobile screen.

We created two online advertising campaigns, designed to build brand awareness and encourage AnswerConnect’s target audience to sign up for their service. One of the campaigns utilises professional, organic photographs of the team, homing in on their faces to convey the trusted and accessible nature of the brand. The imagery is accompanied by the play on words ‘people are the answer’. This communicates the fact that whilst many of their competitors implement automated responses, AnswerConnect champion real people. Another campaign focused on the company’s commitment to plant one tree every month for each of their customers and employees. We combined impactful imagery of forests with an animated counter to convey the incredible number of trees they have planted, highlighting their dedication to protecting the planet.

Website mockup on iPad and mobile screen.

We designed an eye catching and impactful exhibition stand and pop-up banners, as well as a range of printed communications, helping AnswerConnect to make a positive and lasting impression on delegates at the Law2019 Leeds conference.

Popup banners designed for AnswerConnect, featuring a friendly woman wearing a headset. The text reads "Trained legal receptionists to answer your calls 24/7."

These materials were designed in line with the branding we developed in the initial stages of the project, ensuring consistency across all touch points and building brand awareness.

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