Two exhibition stands with a caption of "Harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet" on the left, and "What if a healthier planet began with a healthier farm?" on the right.

Indigo Ag

Indigo Ag is an international company that aims to transform the current agricultural system. They address global concerns around climate change to help make farming more sustainable and increase value across the supply chain.

Person holding a brochure. The front cover is written in German.

The Brief

After launching their business solutions in Europe in 2019 and in a bid to connect with their target audience in this new market, Indigo Ag exhibited at Agritechnica, the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural technology.

In addition to successfully delivering a video for this event, Firefly was commissioned to design an exhibition stand, a set of pop-up banners, English and German print communications and an informative infographic for the event. This project included the design of promotional items including branded notebooks, pens, t-shirts and tote bags. We also provided copywriting for the English brochures and leaflets.

The Creative Outcome

During the brand development stage, we took inspiration from Indigo Ag’s existing brand guidelines and colour palette. This helped to ensure consistency across all touch points and strengthen brand awareness.

We created a series of bespoke illustrations to highlight the various farming practices that benefit from Indigo Ag’s solutions. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, introducing a simple illustrative style injected personality into the branding, helping to engage the company’s target audience.

Professional and versatile, the use of simplistic iconography helped to break up large quantities of text, communicating complex subject matter in an easily digestible way. This was further facilitated by clean, modern typography and typographic hierarchy, which blended seamlessly with the overarching brand identity. Both the typography and graphic elements were complimented by the addition of cinematic photography, which acted as yet another visual aid, whilst helping to capture the attention of delegates.

When writing the copy for the brochure and leaflet, our key focus was honing and simplifying the content. This ensured Indigo Ag’s core message and values were communicated in a clear, succinct and compelling way.

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“From start to finish, Firefly were great to work with. They understood the objectives of the project and what I was trying to achieve, and provided regular updates throughout. The project was managed very efficiently and I am extremely happy with the result. Thank you!”

Lucy Ozanne
CPD & Training Officer
Law Society of Scotland

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