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We create aspirational brands that help organisations to enhance their relationships with their target audience, build loyalty and establish a lasting presence in the market.

Branding is at the core of everything we do. We always begin by working closely with you to understand your organisations goals and personality, from your core values to the challenges you face. This enables us to develop a brand that differentiates your organisation from competitors and that you and your team can be truly proud of.

As a multidisciplinary agency, we can ensure your brand is conveyed correctly and consistently across all touchpoints, from your website design and social media to advertising, printed collateral and video. This full circle approach helps to awareness and trust, clearly communicating your organisation’s strengths, values and USPs.

Whether you are an established organisation looking to develop your existing brand, or a start-up looking to build a powerful new presence, we can work strategically with you to create a united brand that fulfils your long-term goals and delivers return on investment (ROI).

Explore our branding services below or contact us today to discover how we can support with your brand strategy.

Lingua Connect various logo sketches.

Logo design

We specialise in creating logos that distinguish your brand from competitors and stand the test of time. Like the cross on top of a church, a logo is an integral component of any successful brand. We can work with you to distil the ethos, culture, values, and goals of your brand into one simplified marque.

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Brand identity

A strong brand identity should encompass all that makes your business unique and can only be defined by asking questions, and lots of them. We discuss your USP, analyse competitors and explore the true meaning of your business to develop instantly recognisable brands that establish a lasting presence in the market.

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Brand strategy

Whether you want to build a new brand or reinvigorate an existing one, we can work collaboratively with you to create a strategy that targets and realises your goals. We engage in thorough research and analysis of our client’s target audience and competitors to develop strategies that guide brands to reach their full potential.

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Brand development

We recognise that some brands require evolution, rather than a complete revolution. Whether you’re struggling to connect with your target audience, your industry is changing or you’re falling short of the competition, we can work with you to refresh and improve upon your existing brand, whilst retaining the key features that make it recognisable.

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Every successful rebrand is underpinned by a comprehensive strategy and a creative focus. We always start by evaluating your existing brand and conducting market research on your target audience and competitors. Following this, we work across a broad range of disciplines to differentiate your brand and help your business thrive.

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Brand guidelines

We build brands with longevity in mind and the consistent application of those brands is key to building brand awareness. From the use of your logo and colour palette to typography, photography and graphic assets, we create comprehensive guidelines to help ensure your brand is portrayed coherently across all communications.

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Tone of voice guidelines

We can work with you to establish an authentic and distinctive tone of voice which encompasses the personality of your brand. Once perfected, we can create guidelines, providing your team and wider business with a clear understanding of how language and words should be applied across all future communications.

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Polished copy is fundamental to any successful brand, helping to engage your target audience and leave a lasting impression. Whether you want to establish a tone of voice, communicate a key message, or improve your SEO, we can work with you to craft impactful copy that makes a real difference to your brand.

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Expressive, inclusive, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing, this versatile medium can offer limitless possibilities when it comes to elevating your brand. Our talented designers craft bespoke illustrations which add a personal touch to our clients’ brands, helping them to stand out against their competitors.

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Iconography can communicate information in an easily digestible format, capturing your audience’s attention and encouraging interaction. We design iconography that blends seamlessly with our clients’ brand identities, whilst giving them a unique edge over competitors.

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Infographic caption "Microplastic is used on this pitch".

Infographic design

Professionally designed infographics are a highly effective medium to express important information, such as facts and statistics, in a clear, concise, and dynamic way. We design infographics that can be applied to a broad range of communications, capturing your audience’s attention, and driving engagement.

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Photography and art direction

From developing creative concepts to managing production, we direct aspirational photoshoots for our client’s brands, which allow their personalities to shine through. Over time we have built up a network of skilled photographers who we work with collaboratively to bring our clients’ visions to life.

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