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We specialise in crafting professionally designed prospectuses that play a pivotal role in our clients’ marketing strategies.

Whether it’s a school prospectus aimed at engaging parents and carers or capturing the interest of prospective college and university students, our process begins by identifying the unique qualities that define your institution. We thoroughly analyse your location, values, curriculum, facilities, and educational offerings to craft a compelling narrative and design a prospectus that distinguishes you from your competitors.

By adhering to accessibility guidelines, we prioritise the development of an inclusive and user-friendly design. Whether it’s crafting a balanced layout, optimising white space, or leveraging your photography, we aim to engage readers and invite them to explore your prospectus further. Embracing accessibility principles, we thoughtfully address typographic hierarchy, colour palette, and other design elements to ensure the optimal presentation of essential content for all readers. We can also offer support with copywriting to ensure copy is consistent with your tone of voice

If you need a printed prospectus, we can manage the whole process for you. We can advise on paper stock, finishing and binding techniques, as well as manage the production for you and ensure timely delivery. If you would like a digital version, we can create a prospectus that suits your needs, whether that be an interactive PDF or a microsite.

Our process at Firefly begins with a thorough analysis, followed by a scoping workshop to better understand your specific needs. We work with you collaboratively, ensuring project objectives are met through feedback from you at key milestones.

Get in touch with us today to discover how we can deliver a polished prospectus that encapsulates the ethos and personality of your organisation.

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“We have enjoyed a positive experience partnering with Firefly to build our website. They were quickly able to discern the style and functionality that would fit for us and our international target audience.

In addition to providing a design we loved they also balanced the competing demands of SEO optimisation with an aesthetically pleasing site. Much appreciated!”

Peter Henry
Managing Director
H.W. Anderson

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