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Driven by their passion for the wellbeing of animals, Vetsolutions, based in Edinburgh, work to advance the world of veterinary medicine. The global animal health technology and services company help to connect their customers with the best possible solutions and insights.

The Brief

Firefly was commissioned to produce tone of voice guidelines that would engage Vetsolutions’ employees and help to ensure they adhered to the company’s ethos and values.

The Creative Outcome

We developed a comprehensive set of guidelines that covered brand consistency, personality and writing tips.

Designed with ease of use in mind, we adopted clean, modern typography and utilised typographic hierarchy to clearly communicate the guidelines and highlight key information. The use of bullet points, numbering and iconography helps to break down large quantities of text in an easily digestible and engaging way for readers.

As well as ensuring clarity and coherency, it was important for the guidelines to be visually appealing to encourage staff to read them. One of the ways we achieved this was by incorporating quotes in brightly colour speech bubbles, giving the guidelines a human touch and adding breaks within the text. Moreover, the use of organic shapes and bold, oversized quotation marks add a unique edge to the design.

The tone of voice guidelines we created helped to ensure the Vetsolutions brand was communicated correctly and consistently across all touch points by everyone within the organisation.

Tone of voice guidelines

Tone of voice guidelines 'Our Stories' page

Tone of voice guidelines 'Our promise' page

Tone of voice guidelines 'Our personality' page

Tone of voice guidelines

Tone of voice guidelines

Tone of voice guidelines 'General writing tips' page

Tone of voice guidelines 'Writing for the web' page

Tone of voice guidelines 'Our Stories' page

Tone of voice guidelines 'Our Stories' page

Great team to work with, very approachable and are able to answer any questions we may have regarding project work.

Becca Scott
Senior Global Communications Executive
Clyde & Co LLP


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