Prints mockup caption "Your summer staycation".

Macdonald Hotels & Resorts

Macdonald Hotels & Resorts comprises over 30 luxury hotels and holiday resorts across some of the most beautiful locations in the UK, each with its own unique style and facilities. From countryside to city, their hotels are brimming with charm and character.

Poster mockup caption "Your summer staycation" placed on green background.

The Brief

Firefly was commissioned to design advertising campaigns across print, digital and social media, focusing on two different Macdonald resorts.

The first was a press advertising campaign for the Macdonald Aviemore Resort, for which families and couples were the target audience. This campaign was commissioned for tabloid newspaper and magazine publications including the Daily Record, Sunday Mail and Seven Days magazine. In addition, this campaign included the creation of digital skins and banner advertising for the Daily Record’s website.

The second was a social media campaign for Macdonald Forest Hills aimed at two groups – families looking for activities both within the hotel and the surrounding area, and those looking to relax within the spa facilities and countryside setting.

Advert on website mockup on desktop screen.The Creative Outcome

Designed to complement one another, the print and digital advertising campaigns showcase the beautiful Aviemore resort through the use of bright and engaging photography depicting the accommodation, surroundings and activities guests can enjoy. These images add a human touch, injecting personality into the campaign. In the digital campaign this imagery aims to entice and captivate readers, increasing click-through rate to the Macdonald website.

The use of bright, eye catching background colours alongside the photography accentuates the message, evoking a sense of playfulness and reflecting the idea of a summer holiday. Furthermore, the succinct headlines and clear call to action capture readers attention. This is reinforced by the use of composition, which carefully balances text alongside imagery to highlight key information.

Social media mockup on two mobile screens.

The social media assets, created in both HTML 5 and GIF format, are designed to promote Macdonald Forest Hills across their Facebook and Instagram platforms. Once again, the copy is clear and coherent to create a focus on the offer, whilst the imagery has been curated to appeal to the target audience outlined in the brief.

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