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BiGGAR Economics is a leading independent consultancy offering economic advice and analysis to organisations, government agencies and private sector firms. Their ultimate goal is to support economic growth and social impact by ensuring decision-makers have the highest quality socio-economic evidence available to them.

The Brief

BiGGAR approached Firefly to work on a rebranding project. This encompassed logo design, a responsive website design using a WordPress Content Management System (CMS), iconography, a Microsoft Word report template and a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation template.

The Creative Outcome

We combined a bar graph and pie chart in their most simplistic form to create a bold and abstract logo that resembles a lowercase ‘B’ and alludes to the results BiGGAR achieve. Whilst the bright and contemporary colour palette reinforces the personable and approachable nature of the brand, the modern sans serif typeface reflects BiGGAR’s reputation as a reliable, leading organisation in their field.

We created a responsive, intuitive and easy to navigate website, designed to guide visitors seamlessly around each page. This was also achieved by our use of typographic hierarchy, emphasising specific focal points, such as the brands services and call to actions.

Moreover, we created 35 bespoke icons, designed to illustrate BiGGAR’s extensive range of services across different sectors. Accessible and engaging, the icons communicate important information in an easily digestible way, helping to connect and resonate with the brands target audience.

In addition to being utilised across BiGGAR’s website, the icons are designed and created to be applied to Microsoft PowerPoint and Word templates. These communications adopt a clean and solid structure, outlining key information clearly and coherently. In order to ensure consistency and build brand loyalty, we drew upon elements such as the colours, shapes and iconography visible on the website.


Logo design

Website design on desktop and mobile

Website homepage design on mobile

Website blog design on desktop and mobile

Report spread design

Microsoft PowerPoint template design

Website design on desktop and mobile

Microsoft PowerPoint template design

Iconography detail

It was a pleasure to work with Firefly on our branding, report templates and new website. We chose to work with them because they took time to understand us at the start of the process and that approach was apparent in all of the high-quality work they produced.

Graeme Blackett
BiGGAR Economics

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