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Dovetail & Rabbet specialises in bespoke, contemporary handcrafted furniture. Based in East Lothian, Scotland, the company name is a clever play on words as Dovetail and Rabbet are both types of joints used in woodworking.

Firefly was commissioned to design a logo that conveys both the quality of craftsmanship Dovetail & Rabbet adhere to and their focus on producing innovative woodwork creations.

The logo design incorporates a symbol that combines an inverted capital ‘R’ that looks like a rabbit head within a dovetail joint shape. This simple and playful icon, combined with clean, modern typography helps to convey the ethos of the company.


Logo design

Logo design etched onto Nordic style serving board

Logo design

Dovetail and Rabbet blackened sycamore cabinet

Logo icon design

Dovetail and Rabbet geodesic drinks cabinet

Logo icon design

Business card design

Dovetail & Rabbet stick-back ash windsor chair

Logo icon design

I have worked with Ben and his agency for many years, albeit in a paper promotional capacity. After discussions on an internal project, I was thrilled when he offered to produce work for ourselves.

Ben lead the way with concept to design and produced a great piece, Rock-Paper-Scissors. Feedback from our clients has been excellent and lovely to put a smile on faces when they identify the design. I hope to do more work with Firefly in the future.

Elaine Scott
Key Account Manager

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