A brochure spread for AWDis Academy, showing schoolchildren in burgundy jumpers sitting.

AWDis Academy brochure design

AWDis Academy specialises in providing a range of school uniform apparel in five different key styles for both primary and secondary schools.

Brochure covers for AWDis Academy, showing schoolchildren in uniforms playing together.

The Brief

Firefly was commissioned to refresh the AWDis Academy branding by creating a new brochure design. The brochure, which was distributed business to business, was to introduce a new playful style, whilst retaining the brands existing logo.

The Creative Outcome

The brochure design clearly reflects the education sector, whilst retaining a professional and academic aesthetic. The combination of bold, angular coloured panels and keylines is both visually pleasing and impactful, capturing readers attention and giving the brochure a unique edge.

The bright, dynamic photography stands out against the white, paper textured background, encompassing the ‘back-to-school’ theme. We adopted a clean, modern typeface to ensure legibility, whilst the use of typographic hierarchy highlights key information and seamlessly guides readers through the brochure.

We also developed a clear and informative sizing chart, helping readers to quickly and easily find the product details they were looking for.


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“From start to finish, Firefly were great to work with. They understood the objectives of the project and what I was trying to achieve, and provided regular updates throughout. The project was managed very efficiently and I am extremely happy with the result. Thank you!”

Lucy Ozanne
CPD & Training Officer
Law Society of Scotland

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