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Forestry Commission Scotland developed a Forest Kindergarten programme across Central Scotland with the aim of promoting local woodlands as a play and learning environment for young children. The programme not only offers an opportunity to experience outdoor activities, but also benefits young children’s physical and mental development.

Firefly was chosen by Forestry Commission Scotland following a tender to rebrand Forest Kindergarten and design printed collateral to promote the programme. The printed communications detail how Forest Kindergartens can help children to establish a lasting connection with the natural world.

Whilst the programme is for children, the target audience for the communications was teachers and parents. The leaflets were therefore designed to appear friendly without looking childish.

The rebrand made use of a natural, handmade style within the graphics and illustrations, all set on a rough, recycled paper texture. Photography was combined with the illustrative elements to add a human touch and help the audience imagine themselves in the scenario. Typographical hierarchy make the leaflets more engaging and helps guide a reader through the communications.

The design was rolled out across a range of communications including leaflets, folders, banner stands, a Powerpoint template, USB cards, certificates and back packs.

Banner stand design

Leaflet front cover

Leaflet spread

Leaflet detail

Leaflet front cover

Leaflet front cover

Leaflet front cover

Leaflet spread

Credit card USB design

Leaflet front cover

Leaflet detail

Leaflet illustration detail


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