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Indigo Ag aims to transform the current agricultural system, address climate change and make farming more sustainable by creating more value across the supply chain. Their use of powerful microbiology, machine learning and digital technologies help to make agriculture more sustainable.

The Brief

After launching their business solutions in Europe in 2019, Indigo Ag exhibited at Agritechnica, the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural technology. This week-long event aimed to help them to connect with a new target audience.

We were commissioned to create a two-minute video, to be shown on loop on the television screens at the exhibition.

As part of this project, we produced an exhibition stand, printed literature and promotional items, which were to be handed out to delegates during the event.

The Creative Outcome

We laid the foundations for the video by crafting a script. During the copywriting process, we utilised content in the printed literature to communicate key information about Indigo Ag’s inspiring work in a clear, concise and engaging way. As the animation was to be shown at the exhibition without sound, we incorporated subtitles, ensuring viewers fully understood the content presented.

The video incorporates a combination of bespoke illustrations and live video footage captured by Indigo Ag. The graphic elements and colour palette reflect the look and feel we developed for the print communications, creating consistency across all touch points and ensuring brand awareness. This mixed media approach resulted in a professional, yet dynamic animation, which captures the attention of the company’s target audience and communicates their core message clearly and succinctly.

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