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Global software company, Proactis, provide a suite of solutions that enable digital trade for all by helping organisations control 100% of their spend. They transform their customers Source-to-Pay processes to save money and enhance efficiency, whilst increasing compliance and reducing risk.

The Brief

We were commissioned to create a welcome video for ReThink ’20, Proactis’ online conference. At a time of great uncertainty, the video aimed to encourage delegates to rethink their spend management and digital transformation initiatives.

During this time, Proactis’ team in the United States required a video to promote Managed Sourcing Services (MSS), software that has transformed traditional methods of sourcing goods and services.

The Creative Outcome

Prior to this project, we created a flagship video to promote the benefits of Proactis’ services. The dynamic combination of motion graphics, kinetic typography and live footage we used laid the foundations for this project.

The emotive script we wrote for ReThink ’20 alludes to the rapidly changing economy and empowers businesses to take control of their spend. Confident and reassuring, this tone helped to create a buzz and unite delegates tuning into the conference virtually. We used engaging motion graphics and incorporated live video footage to illustrate Proactis’ key messaging, building anticipation before the event. The friendly yet authoritative voice-over and upbeat music contribute to the motivational atmosphere.

To gain an in depth understanding of the online events Proactis MSS deliver, we attended a virtual demo. This paved the way for the script, which allowed us to communicate the benefits of this unique service in an easily digestible way. Motion graphics bring the video to life, highlighting important facts and statistics, whilst capturing the excitement of MSS events. This is complimented by live video footage, photography of the team and an American voice-over, which add a personal touch.

The consistent application of these techniques across both videos helps to strengthen Proactis’ brand identity, building trust and customer loyalty.

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