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Tenders Direct is the UK’s most accurate public sector tender alerts service. Their team of specialists help thousands of businesses to develop their tender strategies, write bids and win new contracts.

The Brief

We were commissioned to produce six interview style corporate videos to promote Tenders Direct’s services amongst SMEs in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The Creative Outcome

We began by establishing an informative yet friendly tone of voice, before working with the Tenders Direct team to refine the overarching message of each video. This was distilled by our copywriter into six engaging and easily digestible scripts, which communicate the key benefits of the company’s services and deliver clear call to actions.

Art-directed by our Creative Director, Ben Walker, the videos were filmed in Tenders Direct’s head office featuring two of their senior employees. The interview style positions the company as personable whilst reinforcing their credibility in the industry, building trust amongst their target audience. The professional setting instantly sets the tone, whilst Proactis’ vivid trademark orange in the background and bright lighting create a welcoming environment.

We combined this footage with dynamic motion graphics and kinetic typography to highlight key takeaways and hold viewers’ attention. The graphic elements and colour palette reflect Tender’s Direct’s branding, helping to further build brand awareness. Finally, we incorporated upbeat, high tempo music to evoke positivity.

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