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There are few media more impactful than video. Whether you are creating an animation, motion graphics or a corporate video, there are a range of components to carefully consider, one of which is a voice-over.

Choosing to include a voice-over can help to establish the overarching tone of your video. If you decide to utilise this, it is essential to choose a voice-over artist to suit your tone and the message you want to communicate. We are proud to work with a select group of talented voice-over artists on a freelance basis, allowing us to match a professional to each individual project.

A highly persuasive media, video can communicate important, and at times complex information quickly, succinctly and in an easily digestible way. We begin the process of producing a video by developing a creative idea, before storyboarding, scriptwriting and if applicable, sourcing a voice-over artist. Choosing a voice-over artist who can express your brands core message and values in a clear and compelling way has the power to bring your video to life.

When it comes to tone of voice, there are a variety of elements to consider. An authentic tone of voice can inject personality into your video, whether that be friendly, professional, conversational, empathetic, humorous, playful, or a combination. Getting your voice-over right can add a human touch to your video, enhancing relatability and resonating with your target audience.

If you would like to find out more about how video and an accompanying voice-over could help to drive engagement and build customer loyalty, contact us today.

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From start to finish, Firefly were great to work with. They understood the objectives of the project and what I was trying to achieve, and provided regular updates throughout. The project was managed very efficiently and I am extremely happy with the result. Thank you!

Lucy Ozanne
CPD & Training Officer
Law Society of Scotland

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