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Global software company, Proactis, provide a suite of solutions that enable digital trade for all by helping organisations control 100% of their spend. They transform their customers Source-to-Pay processes in order to secure money savings and efficiency gains, whilst increasing compliance and reducing risk.

The Brief

We were commissioned to create a one-minute video to feature on the homepage of Proactis’ website and share across their social media channels. The video was to convey the service they offer and the different ways this can benefit their customers.

The Creative Outcome

We laid the foundations for the video by crafting a succinct and engaging script. During the scriptwriting process, we worked closely with Proactis to ensure the overall messaging encompassed the key points they wanted to communicate and did so in an approachable and easily digestible way.

The video utilises a combination of motion graphics and live video footage. This mixed media approach resulted in a professional, yet dynamic animation, which captures the attention of the company’s target audience and communicates their core message clearly and succinctly. The graphic elements and colour palette reflect the Proactis brand, creating consistency across all touch points and building brand awareness.

The video features subtitles to ensure viewers come away with a clear understanding of the service Proactis offer. The use of subtitles also meant the video had the flexibility to be adapted to suit Dutch, French and German markets.

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