"Sparkline Scorecard" logo on a white grid background, with multiple red lines at the bottom of the design.

Vetsolutions Sparkline Scorecard

Driven by their passion for the wellbeing of animals, Vetsolutions, based in Edinburgh, work to advance the world of veterinary medicine. The global animal health technology and services company help to connect their customers with the best possible solutions and insights.

Software solution, Sparkline Scorecard, allows practices to pinpoint results and trends from the business processes that generate their revenue. By identifying areas of a business that could be improved, they help to eliminate expensive administrative errors that prevent growth.

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The Brief

Firefly was commissioned to undertake a branding project, which included designing the company’s new logo. We were also asked to create a direct mail campaign and a showreel to promote the advantages of using Sparkline Scorecard. The showreel focused on the key features of the software and was to be launched at the London Veterinary Show 2016.

The Creative Outcome

We developed a refined, yet impactful logo design, which distils the key message of the brand and reinforces their position as an authoritative voice in their field. The clear, contemporary logotype ensures legibility, whilst the red and grey colour palette is simultaneously eye catching and professional. We used a graph inspired graphic device, which begins at the letter ‘p’ and ends at the letter ‘d’, to allude to company’s work identifying results and trends.

The goal of the direct mail campaign was to encourage veterinary practices to use Sparkline Scorecard, therefore it was crucial for the information presented to be both easy to understand and aesthetically pleasing. The pocket-sized design folds out into a cross shape, subtly reflecting the medical aspect of the company. We pulled out statistics using brightly coloured, circular shapes to emphasise important information about how much money a practice can lose per year. This helped to resonate with practice owners and encourage them to take action. The use of typographic hierarchy throughout the campaign helps to seamlessly guide readers through the text and break up information.

Zoomed-in on brochure direct mail caption "Sparkline Scorecard is unique in its ability results and trends from the business processes that generate your revenue".

In the first stage of creating the showreel, we crafted a script that communicated Sparkline Scorecard’s key message to potential clients clearly and succinctly. The video did not include a voiceover; therefore, we chose modern, highly legible typography to ensure the text was easy to read and used the animation technique, kinetic typography, to highlight key takeaways and engage viewers. The minimal colour palette reflects the company’s branding, retaining familiarity amongst their existing audience, whilst building brand awareness.

The dynamic style we developed injects personality into the video, capturing the attention of viewers. The use of graph paper as a backdrop across much of the video conveys the company’s use of metrics and graphs, helping connect with their target audience.

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“The Royal College of Nursing Scotland has worked with Firefly on a number of projects, most recently the branding for our Nurse of the Year Awards. We have always found the team to be responsive, willing to listen and full of ideas. Professional, creative and approachable, the quality of their work is excellent.”

Carol Harris
Communications and Public Affairs Manager
The Royal College of Nursing Scotland

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