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We specialise in creating reliable, robust and fully functional Microsoft Word and PowerPoint templates for both Mac and Windows computers.

Whether you need a professionally designed suite of stationery templates, polished report documents or an impactful PowerPoint presentation, we can deliver custom templates that function seamlessly, ensuring:

1. Consistency across all communications
Having spent time creating a brand that you’re proud of, you don’t want to see variations in how it’s applied to different documents. Our templates are invaluable in helping everyone in your organisation to create consistent documents that align with your brand.

2. Efficiency gains for your organisation
Investing in professional, bespoke templates can save the time and energy necessary to produce documents and presentations in house. Our clients regularly feed back that their new templates have succeeded in streamlining everyday processes for their teams.

3. Ease of use for your team
We supply comprehensive user notes which guide you through the process of installing and using your templates. This ensures your templates are accessible to everyone, whether they have experience working with Microsoft Office or not. We can also offer online training sessions to guide your team through how to use your templates.

We believe attention to detail has the power to differentiate your brand. Our team create fixed layouts, styles, colour palettes and typefaces in line with our clients’ branding that can be rolled out across all templates. We also carefully consider typographic hierarchy to highlight key messages and guide readers through documents and presentations.

Large quantities of text with no visuals can lead to your audience switching off whilst reading your content. We can create tailored resource kits containing icons, illustrations, infographics and diagrams that add depth to your templates. Moreover, we can transform even the most complex data from Microsoft Excel into graphs, charts and tables that engage your target audience.

Contact us today to discuss how we can produce templates that capture the essence of your brand and leave a lasting impression.

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It was a pleasure to work with Firefly on our branding, report templates and new website. We chose to work with them because they took time to understand us at the start of the process and that approach was apparent in all of the high-quality work they produced.

Graeme Blackett
BiGGAR Economics

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