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St Joseph’s provide care and support services for adults with a learning disability in Midlothian, helping them to live independent lives as active members of their local community.

The Brief

Having evolved significantly since being established 95 years ago, St Joseph’s required a rebrand, including a new logo, website, banner stands, signage, stationery and a video.

The Creative Outcome

Underpinned by connection, belonging and inclusion, the new brand aligns with St Joseph’s’ core values, encompassing the changes the organisation has undergone. The refined coral logo marque combines an infinity symbol with simplistic icons of people. This conveys the 24/7, person-centred care St Joseph’s is renowned for and the connections between the team and the people they support.

Designed to adhere to accessibility guidelines, the intuitive website prioritises ease of use. The clean layout and use of white space are complimented by the bright, approachable colour palette, which helps to guide visitors through the website. To give the brand a unique edge and highlight key information, like their core values, we designed bespoke iconography. St Joseph’s’ ethos is reinforced by organic photography of the team and the people they support housed in playful shapes, evoking a welcoming environment. This distinctive style is mirrored across the whole website, as curved lines are used to break content into easily digestible strips.

We conducted a copywriting review to hone the organisations tone of voice and ensure all of the information on the website is as clear as possible. This was further facilitated by ReachDeck, a tool we incorporated to provide text-to-speech, reading and translation support to make the website accessible to everyone.

The video we created to explain the story behind the rebrand touches on the way the organisations services have evolved, whilst reinforcing the fact that their values remain unchanged. This helps to facilitate a smooth transition to the new brand, building trust and loyalty amongst their target audience.


Website homepage design on desktop and mobile

Iconography for core values

Website design on desktop and mobile

Website design on mobile

Website homepage design on desktop and mobile

Logo development

Logo design

Compliment slip, letterhead and signage

Banner stands

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