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Eyecare is the largest independent provider of Continuing Education and Training (CET) for the optical industry in the UK. They provide CET in a number of different ways, including online learning, clinical conferences, peer review and skills workshops.

The Brief

Firefly worked with Eyecare to develop their branding and website design. As part of this process, we were commissioned to design their quarterly journal, etCETera, which features articles surrounding various CET disciplines and promotes the annual Eyecare Conference & Exhibition.

This project also included the creation of a print advertising campaign to promote Eyecare’s Conference & Exhibition. This aimed to encourage industry professionals to attend the event, whilst simultaneously driving traffic to the brands website.

The Creative Outcome

The etCETera journal was designed to reflect an academic look and feel, helping to connect and resonate with the brands target audience. In order to present the information outlined in the journal as clearly and coherently as possible, we selected a complimentary combination of typefaces, both serif and san serif, and applied typographic hierarchy to emphasise key messages. This was reinforced by the use of infographics, which helped to break down important, and at times complex information in an engaging and easily digestible way.

The advertising campaign, featured in print communications, used impactful, isolated imagery to create a clean and professional aesthetic. Designed to stand out, the use of visuals helped to quickly capture the reader’s attention, whilst typographic hierarchy highlighted key text, including headlines, dates and call to actions. Using a play on words, the headlines cleverly interlink with the visuals, creating a sense of continuity throughout the campaign as a whole. This informal style creates a sense of rapport with the target audience, helping to build brand loyalty.

Journal spread design

Journal spread design

Front cover design

Journal spread design

Infographics design

Journal spread design

Advert design detail

Advert design detail

Advert design detail

Advert design

The friendly and professional Firefly team worked closely with us to develop and refine a clear style for our quarterly print and digital journals. The team listened carefully to our needs and quickly responded to any queries and changes we requested. We are really happy with the end result, and with circulation increasing every month, it would seem our readers agree! 

Sarah Brady
Brand Manager


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