"Brush off your boots" text in purple.


Environmental charity, Fidra, based in East Lothian, aim to reduce plastic waste and chemical pollution. They harness the best scientific evidence available to identify and understand environmental issues, working with the public, industry and governments to deliver pragmatic solutions.

Poster and information sheet design caption "Brush off your boots".

The Brief

We were commissioned to develop an advertising campaign for PitchIn, a project that tackles microplastic pollution caused by 3G sports pitches. The scope of this project included the design of a poster and information sheet.

The Creative Outcome

We began by exploring concepts for the campaign through sketching, mind mapping and copywriting. This led to the creation of a clear and succinct headline and strapline that quickly communicate PitchIn’s core message, emphasising its urgency.

Poster design mockup caption "Brush off your boots".

With the aim of appealing to a broad demographic, the powerful and engaging visual style combines bold and impactful typography with a vivid magenta hue. The poster was designed to stand out on fences and gates beside pitches and amongst other promotional materials in sports facilities.

To visualise the pollution caused by 3G pitches, we created a unique graphic device from shapes that resemble rubber granules. Their density and the way they disperse, uncontrollably, depicts the magnitude of this issue. Central to the composition of the poster, we used negative space to reveal the headline. We also subtly incorporated dynamic photography of a football player. This is reminiscent of sports advertising and illustrates the human impact on microplastic pollution, resonating with the campaigns target audience.

Detail of infographics on purple background.

Designed in line with the poster, the information sheet provides a detailed overview of the campaign. To condense and simplify the content, we created clean, linear infographics and iconography. We used typographic hierarchy, colour and geometric shapes to highlight important facts, statistics and call to actions and methodically guide the reader through the resource.

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