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Working anywhere with AnywhereWorks

Working anywhere with AnywhereWorks

More employees than ever before are now working remotely, with an expected 30% of the workforce working from home by 2020. AnywhereWorks is here to make remote working easier for everyone. AnywhereWorks is a company that promotes working from, quite literally, anywhere. They aim to make it easy to connect with your team and contribute to […]

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“We worked with Firefly to produce some simple but eye-catching infographics to help us convey our key messages to our wide audience.

We wanted the characters in the graphics to be relatable everyday people from the Scottish public, and Firefly really managed to capture that. The graphics they designed are clean, colourful and clearly convey the right messages we wanted to get out there, helping us to launch National Walking Month 2018 in style. Thanks Firefly!”

Louise Cameron
Communications & Marketing Officer
Paths for All

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