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The digital industry’s ability to adapt to the needs of users is admirable. It is also essential. Today, busy people on the go are more likely to use a mobile device – a tablet or their phone to access the web. The problem is that viewing a conventional website on a mobile is not ideal primarily because it was designed to be viewed on a larger screen size. Responsive web design addresses this problem. 

Thanks to responsive design users can now enjoy the same optimal browsing experience irrespective of the device used. As the name suggests, the website responds to the platform, screen resolution and orientation of the mobile, allowing it to be viewed correctly and eliminating the need for different versions of the same website to be produced.

Mobile Responsive design has changed the digital landscape and is now considered essential. If your website is not responsive then it could reflect badly on your business and your brand, and you’ll run the risk of alienating users. It’s time to make the change.


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I commissioned Firefly to design and implement a new website for my growing photography business. Having worked with Firefly on previous assignments, I was impressed with their professionalism, creativity and attention to detail.

When it came to designing my site I knew where to go. Their creativity and adaptability again shone through and they seemed to know exactly what my requirements were. Potential clients come to my website to see my work, so therefore it follows that the platform on which they are displayed should be of the highest quality. Firefly saw to this effortlessly, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Dominic Twist
Dominic Twist Photography

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