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Embedded in the Usher Institute at the University of Edinburgh, the Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme (IHDP) aims to change the way data and analytics are used to drive improvement in health outcomes. They achieve this by developing relationships between the NHS, industry, academia and the third sector.

The Brief

After working on a series of infographics, we were commissioned to create a website and bespoke iconography to make their toolkit widely accessible. This resource aims to apply IHDP’s approach to improving cancer intelligence for other clinical areas.

The Creative Outcome

User experience (UX) was central to the success of this project. We created an intuitive website with a clear navigation structure and call to actions to allow visitors to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

The contemporary website design utilises a vibrant colour palette and molecular pattern, giving the brand a distinctive look and feel. This pattern we created acts as a nod to academia, conveys ‘the connecting of data’ and adds depth to the brand. We opted for a modern typeface to ensure legibility, whilst typographic hierarchy presents the content in an easily digestible way.

Housed in different coloured circles, the clean, linear icons make the toolkit approachable and engaging by breaking up large quantities of text and highlighting key information.


Website design on desktop and mobile

Iconography detail om mobile

Infographic detail

Website homepage design on desktop and navigation menu on mobile

Website design on desktop and mobile

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