Man in navy, polo top is petting a brown horse gently.

Vetsolutions Photography

Driven by their passion for the wellbeing of animals, Vetsolutions, based in Edinburgh, work to advance the world of veterinary medicine. The global animal health technology and services company help to connect their customers with the best possible solutions and insights.

Person examining a black-and-white fur puppy. The owner is wearing a dark grey vest with green sweater.

The Brief

During the process of developing the Vetsolutions brand, one of the challenges we identified was the quality of the company’s existing photography. We quickly ruled out the idea of using stock photography, as images that fully encompassed the brand were not readily available or consistent, and many were already being used by other companies in the sector.

As a result, we planned and art directed a bespoke photography shoot with talented photographer, Laurence Winram, at a veterinary practice in Derbyshire. The brief was to create imagery that depicted everyday scenarios within a veterinary practice, where Vetsolutions’ software facilitates an optimum experience and efficiency for both staff and customers.

The Creative Outcome

Our main goal for this project was to produce dynamic, yet natural photographs which clearly and succinctly communicated the Vetsolutions brand and resonated with their target audience.

A male customer with glasses is making a transaction, while smiling at staff who wears green uniform.

One of the ways we achieved this was by featuring real people in the photographs, from staff working in the veterinary practice, to our Creative Director, Ben Walker, and creating a range of scenarios that portrayed the everyday workings of the practice in an organic way. It was also essential to take photographs which were relevant to the various individual products that Vetsolutions offer. We worked onsite for two days to produce a broad range of vibrant, engaging and on-brand photography, giving Vetsolutions a unique edge against their competitors.

The photography was applied to various marketing materials, including the newly designed Vetsolutions website, creating consistency across all touch points and building brand awareness.

Man holding a tablet while looking out to the farm.

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