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Vetsolutions Insight magazine design

Driven by their passion for the wellbeing of animals, Vetsolutions, based in Edinburgh, work to advance the world of veterinary medicine. The global animal health technology and services company help to connect their customers with the best possible solutions and insights.

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The Brief

Firefly was commissioned to develop the Vetsolutions brand across a range of key communications. In addition to the creation of brand guidelines, email marketing, literature, a website design and exhibition displays, this project included the design of an interactive quarterly magazine.

The Creative Outcome

The magazine features articles spanning a range of topics, including ‘a day in the life’ of a Vetsolutions employee, top tips for making the most of social media and improving the effectiveness of a veterinary practice website.

For the magazine design we created a clean and inviting layout, which outlines the content in an easily digestible, yet dynamic way. The variation across the layout encourages readers to engage in the content, maintaining their interest whilst reflecting the professionalism of the brand. This is further facilitated by a combination of highly legible, contemporary typefaces and typographic hierarchy, which highlights important information and helps to guide readers through the publication.

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We incorporated pops of vibrant colour and dynamic photography throughout the magazine to capture readers attention. This was also achieved by the use of infographics, which present key takeaways in a concise and engaging way to the magazine’s readers.

The publication helps to promote Vetsolutions to their target audience, whilst educating key practice personnel on techniques that can help to improve practice performance and efficiency.

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“Firefly brought a fresh and clean re-design to our supporter magazine. A friendly, talented team delivering a professional service within agreed timeframe and budget, responding in a timely manner to communications throughout the process.”

Iain Campbell
Director of Communications
Scottish Bible Society

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