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Sport, Leisure & Culture Consultancy

Established in 2009, the Sport, Leisure & Culture Consultancy (SLC) are strategic advisers to the public sector for sport, leisure and physical activity. The SLC team provide support to unitary authorities, core cities and councils in the UK to transform their services.

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The Brief

We were commissioned to produce Microsoft Word and PowerPoint template designs for SLC, which were to be designed in line with their existing branding.

The Creative Outcome

Professional and engaging, both the PowerPoint and Word templates encompass the look and feel of the organisation, connecting and resonating with SLC’s target audience. We used a clean, contemporary typeface to ensure legibility, whilst the use of typographic hierarchy and bullet points break up large quantities of text and guide readers through the information.

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The clean and contemporary designs comprise of a front cover, a table of contents, title slides, dividers and custom layouts. This helps to ensure ease of use for everyone within the organisation and allows flexibility for adding and adjusting content based on their requirements. Each bespoke template incorporates tables, graphs and pie charts, presenting key information, including facts and statistics, in an easily digestible and eye-catching way. The use of vivid and dynamic sports related photography across the PowerPoint template in particular, captures readers attention and separates the content.

Word document mockup showing pie chart.

The Word template allows SLC to easily create consistent reports with all of the font styles and colours set. The PowerPoint template on the other hand, allows the brand to create consistent presentations from key slide templates, such as the front cover, contents page, text heavy page, graph and chart styles, with all of the font styles and colours set. The professional-level, thoroughly tested template designs help to ensure the SLC brand is communicated correctly across all touch points by everyone in the organisation.

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