Photograph of four chocolate bars packaging.

Sebastian Kobelt

Based in Scotland, Sebastian Kobelt handcrafts exceptional artisan chocolates, continental pâtisserie and seasonal desserts. Founded by multi-award-winning chocolatier and pâtissier Sebastian Kobelt, the brand offers a range of innovative flavour combinations, made using the finest seasonal ingredients.

Photograph of chocolate bar packaging.

The Brief

We were commissioned to create a logo design, branding and bespoke packaging for Sebastian Kobelt’s extensive range of chocolate products.

The Creative Outcome

The logo marque is crafted from a monogram using the initials SK and is encased within ornate Celtic style knots. The stylised design acts as a nod to the brand’s Scottish base and alludes to the premium and decadent qualities of the products. This was reinforced by the dark chocolate colour selected for the logo, which compliments the various colourways chosen for the packaging.

Photograph of four chocolate bars packaging.

The logo marque is combined with clean, modern typography, creating a subtle fusion of the traditional and the contemporary. Whilst the decorative design reflects the luxury products, the typography encompasses the professionalism of the brand, helping to position Sebastian Kobelt as leaders in their industry.

In order to reduce the company’s environmental impact, we opted for reusable jars for truffles and 100% recycled paper for the chocolate bars. We developed an extensive, carefully considered colour palette to visually differentiate products and flavours across the packaging. The colours were applied sparingly to create a refined design and reflect the premium nature of the products on-shelf. We combined a traditional serif typeface with a clean, modern sans serif typeface and utilised typographic hierarchy to highlight key information.

Photograph of chocolate bars packaging.

In addition to designing the packaging, we were commissioned to craft the copy to be displayed on the back of each piece of packaging. As the mouth-watering tasting notes and ingredients speak for themselves, the copywriting process primarily focused on Sebastian Kobelt’s wealth of experience and creativity, as well as touching on the family history that underpins the brand. This helps to set the brand apart in a competitive market, connecting and resonating with their target audience.

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