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Scottish charity, Paths for All, champions everyday walking for a happier and healthier Scotland. They aim to significantly increase the number of people who choose to walk in Scotland, whether that be for leisure or actively making a choice to walk to work, school or the shops. 

The Brief

Paths for All approached Firefly to design a series of infographics for their ‘Everyday Walking’ campaign, which aims to promote the benefits of a daily walk to their broad target audience.

The charity was delighted with the first five infographics we created, and as a result commissioned four more to add to the series.

The Creative Outcome

Each graphic is tailored to appeal to a different target audience and highlights five of the benefits of a brief 30-minute daily walk. These range from improved sleep and reduced anxiety, to increased concentration and enhanced mood.

We crafted a series of illustrations, which developed into a dynamic infographic design style, complete with bespoke characters spanning a range of different ages. The infographics encompass a friendly, yet knowledgeable tone of voice to break down key information in a clear and easily digestible way.

Designed to be inspirational, accessible and relatable, the infographics communicate the core message and values that underpin the campaign quickly and effectively. Moreover, the vibrant, eye catching colour palette, paired with the friendly handwritten style of typography, helps to engage and resonate with a broad target audience.

The versatility of the infographic designs ensured they could be rolled out across the charity’s website and social media channels, as well as appearing in print publications.

Social media infographic

Character development sketches

Infographic design

Infographic design set

Instagram social media graphic

Infographic design

Twitter social media graphic

Infographic design set

We worked with Firefly to produce some simple but eye-catching infographics to help us convey our key messages to our wide audience.

We wanted the characters in the graphics to be relatable everyday people from the Scottish public, and Firefly really managed to capture that. The graphics they designed are clean, colourful and clearly convey the right messages we wanted to get out there, helping us to launch National Walking Month 2018 in style. Thanks Firefly!

Louise Cameron
Communications & Marketing Officer
Paths for All

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