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Set up by Scottish Parliament in 2006, the Scottish Human Rights Commission is an independent public body that promotes and protects the human rights of all people in Scotland. They work alongside and support public authorities to ensure human rights standards are upheld to the highest standard.

The Brief

We were commissioned to produce two digital training resources and, subsequently, social media assets for the National Taskforce Public Engagement. These aimed to spark conversation around a new human rights law amongst communities in Scotland.

The Creative Outcome

We created inclusive and easily digestible resources that prioritise ease of use and appeal to a broad target audience.

To clarify the economic, social and cultural rights the new law might include, we created engaging iconography. As accessibility was central to this project, we superimposed refined, linear icons on brightly coloured shapes. This adds a dynamic edge to the resources and helps to differentiate each key message. We utilised modern typography with a clear typographic hierarchy to aid legibility and guide readers through the content.

To promote the events and encourage public engagement, we transformed each of the icons into eye catching graphics for social media.


Iconography detail

Digital training resources

Iconography detail

Twitter social media graphic

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