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Port of Leith Housing Association (PoLHA) provides housing and help to those in need throughout Leith and north Edinburgh. They aim to make a positive impact on people’s lives by not only providing affordable homes and services, but by creating brilliant communities.

The Brief

PoLHA commissioned Firefly to communicate their Strategic Plan 2020-25 via a bespoke microsite. The brief specified that the microsite should be bright, colourful and fun in order to capture the attention of the Leith and north Edinburgh community. In addition, we were commissioned to create a downloadable and printable PDF version of the Strategic Plan to accompany the microsite.

The Creative Outcome

The microsite is designed to communicate the Strategic Plan in a clear, succinct and engaging way, adopting a modern aesthetic. We expanded the colour palette of the existing brand, using bright, statement colours alongside pastel tones to engage visitors and evoke a welcoming and friendly environment.

The use of colourful animated graphics draws emphasis to key information, adds a sense of playfulness and helps to create a dynamic user experience. This is reinforced by the treatment and use of photography, which simultaneously helps to break up the content and add a human aspect to the design.

The content is presented in different formats throughout the microsite to make the information easily digestible for visitors. Moreover, the drop-down expandable sections, interactive tables and carousels help to intuitively guide the reader through the report and explore each section.

The downloadable PDF version of the Strategic Plan encompasses all of the information included in the microsite, as well as complementing the design, in an accessible and printable format.


Microsite homepage design on desktop and mobile

Microsite design on desktop and mobile

Microsite design on desktop and mobile

Microsite design on desktop and mobile

Microsite navigation design on mobile

Microsite design on desktop and mobile

Downloadable Strategic Plan spread design

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