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BJS Academy is an online educational platform that supports the professional development of current and future surgeons worldwide. The Academy is part of the charitable activity of BJS Society, which owns and promotes renowned scientific journals, BJS and BJS Open.

The Brief

After creating BJS Academy’s branding, we were commissioned to produce their launch materials. This included a flagship video, a guide on how to use the website, an exploration of the resources the Academy offer and a series of interview style videos, in addition to online advertising and social media assets.

The Creative Outcome

The aim of the promotional videos was to create a buzz around the Academy on the lead up to the launch. As a new educational platform, it was essential to explain its vision and purpose in an easily digestible way. We therefore began by distilling this messaging into succinct and inspiring scripts that reinforce the organisations ambition and authority in their industry.

The colour palette and use of impactful footage like the sun rising behind the earth, reflect the Academy’s global reach, whilst helping to increase brand awareness. We used a combination of motion graphics and kinetic typography to create a professional and dynamic style that captures the attention of the Academy’s target audience and clearly communicates their message. To further build momentum, we incorporated uplifting, motivational music.

To broaden the Academy’s reach and encourage engagement, we created a series of eye-catching digital adverts and social media graphics utilising the distinctive key brand visual. The assets we designed for social media feature a five-day countdown, helping to build anticipation.

Twitter social media graphic

Social media graphic

Instagram social media graphic

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