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The General Optical Council (GOC) is the regulatory body for the Optical industry, regulating Optometrists, Dispensing Opticians, Contact Lens Opticians and Therapeutic Optometrists practicing in the UK. These professional groups all have their own set of Continuing Education and Training (CET) requirements to meet in order for them to remain on the register.

Working alongside Perceptive, we designed and developed a new platform to administer the CET scheme; MyCET. Approximately 23,000 registrants login to this platform to plan their personal development goals and monitor their progress.

The new MyCET platform replaced the original CET platform, which had dated in design since launching in 2013. Whilst retaining the original structure and navigation, we updated the colours and styling throughout to give it a more modern appearance and bring it in line with the GOC’s latest brand guidelines.

Following the redesign of the main pages, we also supplied a style guide covering the key elements from the site, such as buttons, tables and infographics. This allowed Perceptive to easily update all pages throughout the site across both desktop and mobile.

Mobile design - Overall Provider Feedback (example)

Desktop design - CET Statement (example)

Style guide - Colour palette

Mobile design - Registrant Dashboard (example)

Desktop design - Overall Provider Feedback (example)

Style guide - Button and form styles

Mobile design - Menu

Desktop design - Registrant Dashboard (example)

Style guide - Typography

Desktop design - Overall Provider Feedback (example)

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