A4 printed papers caption "Brand Guidelines".

Citizens Advice Scotland

Registered charity, Citizens Advice Scotland, supports the Scottish Citizens Advice Bureaux through their management and fundraising expertise, providing IT assistance, helping with campaigns, and offering tools and training to support advice provision.

Citizens Advice Scotland logo in gold-yellow text, placed on top of blue circle.

The Brief

Firefly was commissioned to develop the Citizens Advice Scotland brand and create a set of brand guidelines to be implemented across all touch points.

As part of this project, we also produced of the organisation’s Annual Report for 2016-2017, which included infographic design and the creation of imagery for their social media channels.

The Creative Outcome

We created comprehensive brand guidelines, which cover in great depth the use of Citizens Advice Scotland’s brand identity. They carefully outline the use of their logo design, colour palette, typography, photography, data visualisation, iconography and infographics, as well as the use of sub-brands, tone of voice and graphic devices. These guidelines help to ensure the brand is communicated correctly and consistently at all times by everyone, both within and outwith the organisation, strengthening brand awareness.

Nine different iconography including hand shake, plane, bike, piggy bank, envelop, light bulb, house, shopping bag and money.

In addition, we produced and supplied a set of templates to allow the organisation to create its own documentation moving forward. Following this, we created a second set of guidelines for Citizens Advice Bureaux, which helped to further cement brand consistency.

Wired-bound sketchbook showing various logo design.

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“I have worked with Ben and his agency for many years, albeit in a paper promotional capacity. After discussions on an internal project, I was thrilled when he offered to produce work for ourselves.

Ben lead the way with concept to design and produced a great piece, Rock-Paper-Scissors. Feedback from our clients has been excellent and lovely to put a smile on faces when they identify the design. I hope to do more work with Firefly in the future.”

Elaine Scott
Key Account Manager

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