Magazine front cover for Brendan MacNeill Photography.

Brendan MacNeill Photography

Brendan MacNeill is a talented professional photographer with over 30 years of experience. He specialises in photographing people, places and food, in budget, on time and to the highest quality.

Magazine spread for Brendan MacNeill Photography, showing food and drink images, as well as text.

The Brief

We were commissioned to produce a magazine, which provided a snapshot into Brendan MacNeill’s stunning, creative photographs spanning a range of disciplines.

The Creative Outcome

The magazine was named ‘1000’, representing a play on the idea of a picture speaking 1000 words. We opted for a fresh and contemporary, yet professional magazine design to align with the overarching aesthetic of the photography. The image led magazine utilises white space to create a well-balanced composition, allowing the photographs to speak for themselves.

Moreover, the white background accentuates the rich spectrum of colours and acute detail visible in the aspirational and dynamic photographs. The photographs are combined with testimonials from Brendan’s clients. We used a modern, bold typeface to highlight titles and key quotes to engage readers and guide them seamlessly through the magazine. We also incorporated keylines and bold, large scale quotation marks to place emphasis on testimonials and help break up the typography.

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