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Independent body, Nuleaf, is the voice of local government on nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management. They are dedicated to promoting the best possible economic, social and environmental outcomes for nuclear communities.

The Brief

To reflect Nuleaf’s evolution since it was established in 2003, we were commissioned to undertake a brand development project. They required a new logo design that better represented the brand and Word templates for their core communications.

The Creative Outcome

The simplistic yet bold logo marque incorporates the ‘n’ and ‘u’ from Nuleaf to form an infinity symbol. The inspiration for this stems from Nuleaf’s role as a link between the local authorities and government, and the continuous support they provide to communities.

We developed a fresh and contemporary colour palette using blue and green tones. The light green conveys positivity, whilst the understated teal and imperial blue symbolise trust and stability. Combined with a bold san serif logotype, the logo captures Nuleaf’s integrity and reinforces their authority in the industry.

As they are part of government and industry groups and host regular member meetings, it is essential for Nuleaf’s branding to be applied consistently across all communications. We designed professional Word templates for a newsletter, eBulletin, letterhead with continuation sheet and business cards.

Master logo

Logo development

Microsoft Word template design

Logo development

Letterhead and business cards

eBulletin template

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