Argyll and Bute website mockup on desktop screen.

Argyll and Bute

Designed to promote Argyll and Bute, the ABplace2b website provides a wealth of information to people considering moving to the area. It also highlights job opportunities and local businesses through case studies.

Argyll and Bute website mockup on desktop screen.

The Brief

Tasked with attracting more people to live and work in the area in response to a declining population, Argyll and Bute Council commissioned us to redesign their website.

The Creative Outcome

We created a dynamic website that captures the essence of Argyll and Bute, showcasing its unique qualities and the myriad of opportunities it offers.

Argyll and Bute website mockup on mobile screens.

The bright and contemporary website design is complimented by modern typography and inspiring photography displaying the beautiful landscapes and people enjoying their time in the area. As a subtle nod to the Celtic knots in the ABplace2b logo, we housed selected photography in circles, as well as subtly incorporating these shapes into the background.

Argyll and Bute website mockup on tablet screen.

Designed to adhere to accessibility guidelines, we used contrasting colours and highly legible typography. Moreover, to make the information as easily digestible as possible, we used typographic hierarchy and divided content into distinct strips, whilst the clear navigation structure seamlessly guides visitors through the website.

Argyll and Bute website mockup on desktop screen.

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“I have worked with Ben and his agency for many years, albeit in a paper promotional capacity. After discussions on an internal project, I was thrilled when he offered to produce work for ourselves.

Ben lead the way with concept to design and produced a great piece, Rock-Paper-Scissors. Feedback from our clients has been excellent and lovely to put a smile on faces when they identify the design. I hope to do more work with Firefly in the future.”

Elaine Scott
Key Account Manager

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